• 18-07-2018 r.
    Moczydło Pumping station – reparation works
    As part of the task of Reconstruction of the "Moczydło" sewage pumping station INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. conducts renovation and disassembly works, including:
    11-07-2018 r.
    WWTP Garwolin – final phase
    Reconstruction and Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Garwolin has entered the final phase of the investment.
    21-06-2018 r.
    We’ll built sugar silo in Chełmża for Nordzucker
    Instal Warszawa S.A. signed a contract with Nordzucker Polska S.A. for the construction of a complete sugar silo for capacity of 50,000 t at the Chełmża plant.
  • 16-06-2018 r.
    Earthworks and drainage works at WWTP Pińczów
    On June 16, in Józefów, we played at the 2nd Sport’s Olympics of Construction and Infrastructure organized by the Polish Association of Construction Employers.
    12-06-2018 r.
    Earthworks and drainage works at WWTP Pińczów
    Modernization works are underway as part of the Expansion and reconstruction of sewage treatment plant in Pińczów".
    16-05-2018 r.
    WWTP Kościan – news from the construction site
    At the construction site of the sewage treatment plant in Kościan, advanced construction works of separate fermentation chambers are being carried out. The first stage of works, so-called bottom cones.
  • 08-05-2018 r.
    WWTP Dęblin – contract signing
    On 08/05/2018 between Miejski Zakład Gospodarki Komunalnej Sp. z o.o. a INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. a contract was signed for the "Reconstruction and extension of municipal wastewater treatment plant in Dęblin".
    27-04-2018 r.
    WWTP Garwolin – start up in progress
    As part of the Refurbishing and extension of waste water treatment plant in Garwolin, comprehensive commissioning and start up works of the biological reactor, including denitrification and nitrification chambers, are currently underway.
    18-04-2018 r.
    WWTP Opatówek– preparation for the star up
    We have completed the assembly of technologies in the Mechanical Building, FEK PAK and technological equipment for Bioreactors.