• 1951

    1951 Warszawskie Zjednoczenie Instalacji Przemysłowych (Warsaw Association of Industrial Installations) is established. The main company objective is to secure the execution of industrial constructions. Company is providing jobs for approximately 500 employees.

  • 1962

    Change of name to Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych „INSTAL” w Warszawie (“INSTAL” industrial installations company in Warsaw). The company operates in Poland. Two industrial installation companies, namely Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych "INSTAL" in Płock and Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych "INSTAL" in Białystok are being created on the basis of the facilities, technical means and construction personnel of P.I.P. "INSTAL" in Warsaw.

    „INSTAL” in Warsaw takes over the technical and production base of Przedsiebiorstwo Budowy Urządzeń Wentylacyjnych „KLIMAT” (“KLIMAT” Ventilation equipment construction company) located in Warsaw at Siennicka 29. The manufacturing profile is extended by the construction of numerous ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

    The company start exporting of prefabricated structures for gas and fuel pipelines. Its main customers are: the USSR, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Ghana and Egypt.

  • 1971

    “INSTAL” in Warsaw starts its export activity in supply, building and assembly works and services, among others in FRG, Soviet Union, GDR, Iraq.

    FRG – construction of electrostatic precipitators and desulpherization plants for power plants and heat-generating plants to reduce dust emissions. Soviet Union - construction of fuel pipeline pumping stations.
    GDR - overhaul of power distribution plants and power plants, construction of a picture tube factory.
    Iraq - construction of a steel plant, cable factory and electrostatic precipitators for all cement plants in Iraq.
    At that time about 2.5 thousand people are employed, including approximately 1.5 thousand in Poland and around 1 thousand abroad. In the 70ties, independent companies are formed from the technical core of “INSTAL”: INSTAL in Białystok, INSTAL in Nasielsk, INSTAL in Bełchatów and INSTAL in Płock.

  • 1993

    Pursuant to the Privatization Act, the state company is transformed into an employee-owned company and has been functioning until today under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A (INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. industrial installations company). President of the Management Board and co-owner - Jan Czyżyk.

  • 2007

    Being one of the largest and most experienced installations companies in Poland, Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. (INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. industrial installations company) becomes part of the SEEN Holding structure. President of the Management Board - Ryszard Wasiak. The company carries out comprehensive sanitation and engineering installations together with their start-up. In addition to traditional water and sewage, ventilation and sanitation systems, the company installs complex cross-facility piping systems for water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and industry.

  • 2013-2020

    The company is dynamically operating in the municipal sector and is successfully developing its activities in the waste management and energy sectors.


  • 2021

    Change of shareholder. Gelsenwasser GmbH becomes a joint shareholder

  • 2023

    Change of shareholder. Gelsenwasser buys out shares of Seen Holding
    And he becomes the majority shareholder