It can be beautiful at the construction site
07.12.2021 r.

Within the scope of the investment project called Reconstruction and Expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Elbląg, Instal Warszawa is carrying out works related to the start-up, reconstruction and expansion of subsequent facilities.

Elbląg is working at full speed ... at present, concreting of the floor of the prism composting plant is in progress.

Works related to the execution of chemically resistant coatings on site no. 21/2 The digested sludge tank was completed. A stainless steel sludge pipeline was made in the channel on the crown of the OBF tank. On site no. 17.3 (Closed Fermentation Chamber), the technology and piping are being installed on the working facility. In addition, assembly and construction works (chemical resistant coatings) are carried out on site no. 10.2 - Biological block.