It's getting beautiful and green!
25.07.2022 r.

At the construction site of a wastewater treatment plant in Mińsk Mazowiecki, the basic scope of the contract is nearing completion. Works related to the assembly of technological installations in the wastewater and sludge pumping station were completed, as well as the renovation of the administrative building and the laboratory. A leakage test of the existing digester was carried out. Works related to laying a new asphalt surface on the roads of the sewage treatment plant have been completed. The humusification and tidying up of the area are in progress. The assembly of sheet metal on the digester’s dome and the mixed sludge tank is in progress, as well as internal finishing works on the existing facilities of the sewage treatment plant. The start of the digester commissioning and commissioning of a new biogas microturbine are planned in the coming month.