About Us

INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. has been operating since 1951, changing and adapting to the surrounding market conditions.

The company has come a way from a manufacturer of equipment and installations, through an assembly company, to general contracting of complex technological facilities.

  • We treat water and sewage

    Our team carries out comprehensive projects related to the construction, reconstruction, modernization and expansion of wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, sewage and water pumping stations.

  • Waste can also be a product

    The growing consumption of products contributes to the continuous increase in the amount of waste. Their processing requires mechanical, biological and thermal processes. We carry out comprehensive investments related to waste transformation. And what is important, investments that can generate additional profit…. biogas.

  • Where to get the heat?

    Everyone wants to be warm at home. Where there are collective heat distribution systems, there is a need for a source - a gas-fired heating plant, an oil-fired heating plant, a waste incineration plant that produces heat…. We operate there and build modern plants.

  • The industry is not that bad

    Poland is still developing. Industrial enterprises that are looking for companies that can carry out complex modernization or expansion of production plants - sugar factories, refineries, fertilizer plants are also developing. We do it!


Design office for industry and energy, carrying out projects from idea to implementation and commissioning.

Production of installations and operation of devices for wastewater treatment plants.

Design office for municipal investment in the field of environmental protection


The INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. Company, with a view to continuous improvement of its operating and management mechanisms, has had the following systems in place for over 10 years now::

  • A Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard,
  • An Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard,
  • A Safety & Hygiene Management System in accordance with the PN-ISO 45001 standard

INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. jest członkiem Krajowej Izby Budownictwa, Związku Pracodawców Budowlanych oraz członkiem-założycielem Polskiej Izby Konstrukcji Stalowych.